Dubai is on the verge of becoming an international business hub, one of the best multi-cultural cities in the world, with over 9.54 million residents from different ethnic groups. It is a haven for most business people from different parts of the world exploring different business opportunities. Dubai is also known for its strict laws and regulations, especially regarding foreigners who want to set up their businesses.

You will need to pass through a rigorous screening process and documentation with different authorities in Dubai. The different processes can be very confusing, especially when you are new to the country, and this is where PRO or Public Relations Services come in.

PRO services refer to all the activities related to processing government-related paperwork and documents for your business. Some of these documents include labor cards, visa applications, company approvals, and licensing documentation. PROs are government Liaison officers who provide reliable and cost-effective solutions to companies and, in some cases, individuals.

What Are the Common PRO Services in Dubai?

Some of the services PROs offer include:

  • Company and Branch formation
  • Annual License renewals and updates
  • Investor Visas processing
  • Golden visa processing
  • Residence and Employment Visa processing
  • Dependent / Family Visa processing
  • Emirates ID Cards processing
  • Labor and Immigration Cards
  • Labour Quota applications
  • Changes to Trade Licenses, transfers
  • Regulatory approvals and NOC letters
  • Notarization of Legal Documents

What Is the Importance of PRO Services In Dubai?

Outsourcing PRO Services in Dubai allows you to benefit from industry expertise and experience. At ICONS Business Setup, corporate PRO services are customized to meet the needs of every business. We understand that every business is different and needs this from the government.

Here are some of the benefits of PRO services to your business:


Team ICONS delivers clear and transparent services. We have a transparent process track from start to end by disclosing receipts, invoices, government charges, and other necessary expenditures. This way, you get to know where you are using your money while still getting the best service.

Saving Time

When you work with a professional PRO team, you save a lot on all permissions, legal processes, and validations. They will ensure that all the registration and documentation are done on time, saving you from future delays.

They also allow you to focus on running your business rather than having to keep running around to keep up with government regulations. You can focus on generating revenue for your business at an affordable fee.

Ensures Compliance

The Government procedures and formalities upgrade periodically to ensure Dubai’s promise to be the best city to live in. It is necessary to keep track of these regular updates, in order to run a business in Dubai. PRO services ensure that you are always compliant by taking timely action. This ensures business development in the region without any business downtime caused by government interference.

Reduced Hassles and Risks

PRO services make your business formation process seamless. Most organizations handle the paperwork preparation, planning, renewal, registration, and compliance. These services are designed to make the business formation process in Dubai stress-free by helping you avoid excessive fines and legal hassle.

What Are the Activities Performed by PRO Services, Dubai?

A PRO service company offers its clients a wide range of legal services, including processing work permits and visas, company formation, opening corporate bank accounts, document clearing services, and registration and renewal of trade licenses.

Why Do You Need PRO Services in Dubai?

PRO services allow a smooth setup and operation of your business. The PRO team will guide you through the rules and regulations, allowing stress-accessible business formation and operations. You can rely on professional PRO services in Dubai to handle all the legal activities, including delivering all the documents to the authorities to avoid delays, compliance-related issues, and later penalties.

What Are the Advantages of Having PRO Services In Dubai?

Hiring PRO services for your company is one of the best things you could do for your organization. They will help you build a sustainable and transparent business, and you also get to enjoy hassle-free business formation.

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