apply for a Schengen visa from dubai
The UAE is among the favourite destinations for most world travellers, businesses or tourism. On top of that, UAE residents are among the top travellers in the world. In 2017, UAE residents were reported to be among the top 15 countries worldwide to apply for a visa in Schengen embassies.
business etiquette in UAE ppt
The United Arab Emirates is one of the most dynamic places to do business in the middle east. It is a multicultural centre and relatively modern compared to its neighbouring countries, making it the ideal location for anyone looking to expand their business. While the country is still evolving towards
the difference between Mainland, free zone and offshore
If you are considering starting a business in the Middle East, the UAE is among the best places to consider. The UAE is a global hub with many opportunities for various industries and nationalities. It offers a business-friendly environment that is highly appealing to international investors. However, before you set

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